Sunday, January 31, 2010

Painted pigs and picnics

I entered this weekend bemoaning my fate: laundry, school work (accounting, of all things!), bills, work I didn't finish during regular work week of work. Work. Work...

I wind it down grateful that -- by some miracle -- I remembered that my life is a gift and not all work. That miracle came in the form of an almost-four-year-old needing Mommy's attention. And somehow -- the other half of the miracle -- I let the sand of work worry settle into the bottom of the glass, and filled up my time with big chunks of boy time.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast, me and my boys (the tall one and the short one), then went for a walk in the mall (too cold for outside!). While Kevin perused CDs and DVDs, Sam and I painted a pig at a ceramics shop. We picked out purple, pink, acqua, and black for colors, which could have been quite colorful if the black hadn't gotten into everything. So, it will come out mostly gray once it's fired. A gray pig with "SAM" spelled out on his bum. A masterpiece.

Today we went to church, where Sam learned about sharing and picking up. Love those folks, teaching my son values and good manners! So, we came home and practiced his Sunday School lesson on his room. Sam even helped spray Enddust. Awesome cleanliness. We then rolled out a blanket on his newly cleared and clean floor and had a picnic. We invited all the animals that we had just put away, and we ate Cheerios and Cheezits. So, it didn't stay 100% picked up. But that's ok, too.

So, here I am avoiding accounting with happy reminiscing. Back to the books. But don't forget, life is big enough to accommodate painted pigs as well as spreadsheets.

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