Friday, June 19, 2009

Collection of gratefulness

Last fall I started writing down 3 things each night that I'm grateful for. I haven't kept up with it consistently, but have managed to gather together an interesting collection of blessings. Here are a handful:

I'm grateful for...

1. The dining room table. It is good to have a place to gather and eat pancakes, drink juice, and wake up together in the morning.

2. The baby monitor. Although Sam is no longer a baby, I still use the monitor at night. I find listening to him breathing in his sleep to be very comforting and reassuring to me.

3. A sermon strong enough to make me squirm.

4. A mother-in-law who likes to shop.

5. A playground at sunset with my son.

6. The ability to laugh at myself.

7. My car. It gets me to and from work, and it's completely paid for.

8. Reliable baby sitters.

9. Opportunities to learn from mistakes. (Life is a gift, no matter how often or how horribly we muck it up. If there's still a chance to learn, then I'm still alive and kicking, praise God.)

10. Nice clothes. Yes, I do really like nice clothes, and I'm grateful to have a few. So there.

11. Wise counsel from a friend.

12. Loyalty.

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